NECO Literature 2022 Answers Drama & Poetry | Get Now Here


NECO 2022 Literature Answers Drama & Poetry | Get Now HereNECO Literature 2022 Answers Drama & Poetry

NECO Literature Answers 2022: Get NECO 2022 Literature Drama and Poetry questions and answers for Friday 22nd July, 2022, Paper II: Drama & Poetry – Literature in English – 3:00pm – 4:40pm.

NECO Literature 2022 Answers Drama


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NECO 2022 Literature Answers Poetry



i. Freedom and Confinement:
The principal theme of “Caged Bird” is freedom—and the lack thereof. Angelou establishes freedom as the poem’s primary concern by using the word multiple times as she describes both of the birds, and the poem’s alternating stanzas contrast the “free bird” with the “caged bird.” The words “free” or “freedom” appear four times (in stanzas one, three, four, and six). “Cage” or “caged” appears even more frequently (seven times, including the title and stanzas two, three, four, and five).
Angelou writes of both physical and conceptual freedom. The caged bird is not physically free—“his wings are clipped and / his feet are tied”—yet his …..

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