NECO Geography 2023 Questions and Answers Expo Obj & Essay


NECO Geography 2023 Questions and Answers: Get NECO Human and Regional Geography 2023 answers Objective and Essay, Human and Regional Geography – 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm.NECO Human and Regional Geography 2023 Answers Objective and Essay | Get Now

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NECO Geography Questions and Answers 2023 Objective 

Weathering refers to the process of breaking down rocks, minerals, and other substances on the Earth’s surface into smaller pieces or altering their composition through physical or chemical means.NECO Geography 2023 Questions and Answers Obj & Essay Expo

(i) Temperature
(ii) Moisture
(iii) Oxygen
(iv) Carb….

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NECO 2023 Human and Regional Geography Essay Questions and Answers

(i) Navigation and mapping: GPS enables accurate positioning on maps, allowing individuals to find their way and plan routes.
(ii) Surveying and mapping: GPS assists in surveying and mapping operations such as measuring distances, angles, and slopes.
(iii) Vehicle Tracking: GPS can be used to track objects or vehicles in real-time, allowing for efficient fleet management and improved security.
(iv) Disaster Management: GPS plays an important role in early warning systems for natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes.
(v) Goods Tracking: GPS is used to track the movement of goods to ensure they reach their destination safely.
(vi) Agriculture: GPS can be used to facilitate precision farming by providing vital information about local soil, terrain, and climate conditions.NECO Geography 2023

(i) Data Acquisition: Both GIS an… for more, click link below

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(i) Arcuate: This delta consists of both coarse and fine sediments and has the shape of an inverted cone. It is crossed by many distributaries. Very good examples of Arcuate deltas are the Niger (Nigeria), Nile (Egypt) and Hwan – Ho.

(ii) Bird’s Foot: This delta consists of very fine materials referred to as “silt” with several long distributaries like the foot of a bird extending into the sea. The Mississippi Delta and the Delta of Omo River in Ethiopia are good examples.

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(iii) Estuarine Delta: This delta is formed from materials deposited in the submerged mouth of a river. It takes the shape of the estuary. A typical example of this type of delta can be located in River Seine (Netherlands) and River Vistula (Poland).. For more / assistance click Here now

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