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NECO GCE Mathematics 2021 Questions and Answers: Get NECO GCE Mathematics 2021 answers Objective and Essay for December 4th, Paper III & II: Objective & Essay – Mathematics.

NECO GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers 2021

This page will show you the 2021 NECO GCE Mathematics questions and answers both the objective and essay for WAEC candidates.

NECO GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers 2021 

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NECO GCE 2021 Mathematics Past Questions and Answers Essay and Objective

1. (a) Two children shared an amount of money in the ratio 3/4 : 2/5. If the smaller share was GH¢25.00, how much was shared between them?
(b) A box contains 5 red, 3 green and 4 blue balls of the same size. If a boy picks two balls from the box one after the other without replacement, what is the probability that both balls are red?

2. a) In a right angled triangle, sin x = 3/5. Evaluate 5(cos x)³ – 3.
(b) The angle of elevation of the top of a vertical pole from a point 63m east of the base of the pole is 30°. From another point due west of the pole, the angle of elevation of the top is 60°
(i) Draw a sketch diagram to illustrate the information.
(ii) Calculate, correct to three significant figures, the distance of the second point from the base of the pole.

3. (a) The diagonals of a rhombus are 14em and gem. Calculate, correct to the nearest centimeter, the perimeter of the rhombus.
(b) The cross-section of a rectangular tank measures l.2m by 0.9m. It contains water to a depth of O.4m. If a cubical block of side 50em is lowered into the tank, calculate, correct to 2 significant figures, the rise in the water level (in metres).

4. (a) In a class of 50 students, 30 offered History, 15 offered History and Geography while 3 did not offer any of the two subjects.
(i) Represent the information on a Venn diagram.
(ii) Find the number of candidates that offered:
(A) History only;
(B) Geography only.
(b) A trader sold an article at a discount of 8% for N 828.00. If the article was initially marked to gain 25%, find the
(i) cost price of the article;
(ii) discount allowed.

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