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NECO GCE Biology 2021 Questions and Answers: Get NECO GCE Biology 2021 answers Objective and Essay for December 3rd, Paper III & II: Objective & Essay – Biology – 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm.NECO GCE Biology Questions and Answers 2021

This page will show you the 2021 NECO GCE Biology questions and answers both the objective and essay for WAEC candidates.

NECO GCE Biology Questions and Answers 2021 

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NECO GCE 2021 Biology Past Questions and Answers Essay and Objective

1. (a) (i) What is respiration?
(ii) Explain three ways in which the respiratory surfaces in mammals are adapted to their functions.
(b) (i) Outline how gases are exchanged in the leaves  of flowering plants.
(ii) In a tabular form, state four differences between aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

2. (a) (i) What is a tissue?
(ii) Name two vascular tissues found in flowering plants.
(b) Flowering plants are classified as monocotyledons or dicotyledons.
(i) What is a cotyledon?
(ii) Name a monocotyledon.
(iii) Name a dicotyledon.
(c) (i) What is meant by the term evolution?
(ii) Give an account of the evidence for evolution from a named source.

3. (a) (i) What is pollution?
(ii) Name three water pollutants.
(iii) State five harmful effects of sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere.
(b) (i) Explain the term population.
(ii) Explain how a pitfall trap is used to measure the population size of organisms in a habitat.

4. (a) What is an enzyme?
(b) What name is given to the substance that an enzyme acts on?
(c) Name two minerals required by the human body?
(d) In the case of one of these minerals, state its function in the body.

5. (a) (i) Bacteria reproduce asexually by dividing in two. What term is used for this form of asexual reproduction?
(ii) What do bacteria form when environmental conditions become unfavourable?
(iii) What does the term pathogenic mean in relation to bacteria?
(b) (i) Name an organ in the human body, other than the kidney, in which excretion takes place.
(ii) In which part of the flower is pollen produced?
(iii) In which part of a flower does a seed form?
(c) Name another member of the kingdom to which Rhizopus belongs, other than yeast, and explain how it is of benefit to humans.

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