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NECO Biology 2022 Answers: Get NECO Biology 2022 answers Objective and Essay for Tuesday 19th July 2022, Paper III & II: Objective & Essay – Biology – 10:00am – 12:30pm.NECO Biology 2022 Answers Objective and Essay | Get Now

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NECO Biology 2022 Answers Objective and Essay

Courtship behavior in Agama Lizard
(i) A sexually active male lizard is large, brightly coloured/with an orange/blue head
(ii) female lizard is smaller and less colourful/brown with green markings
(iii) dominant male lizard defends its territory
(iv) by driving away/fighting off/lashing other males with its tail
(v) male displays its full colours in front of female
(vi) female responds by arching her back and lifting her tail vertically
(vii) male tries to catch her
(viii) female usually runs a

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NECO 2022 Biology Objective Answers 


01-10: ECCECDB

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NECO 2022 Biology Essay Answers

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