NECO Agricultural Science Practical Specimen 2022: Check Here


See the NECO Agricultural Science Practical Specimen for 2022 examination, the National Examination Council scheduled NECO Agricultural Science Practical to Tuesday 19th July, 2022, Paper I: Practical – Agricultural Science 10:00am – 11:30am.NECO Agricultural Science Practical Specimen 2022

NECO Agricultural Science Practical Specimen 2022

Specimen A – Hand Fork.
Specimen B – Dibber.
Specimen C – Cross Staff.
Specimen D – Cast Net.
Specimen E – Feeding Through.
Specimen F – Loamy Soil.
Specimen G – Clayey Soil.
Specimen H – Sandy Soil.
Specimen I – Earthworm.
Specimen J – Termite.
Specimen K – Grasshopper.
Specimen L – Bean Weevil.
Specimen M – Mealybug.
Specimen N – Animal Skin.
Specimen O – Tick.
Specimen P – Roundworm.

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NECO Agricultural Science Practical 2022 Questions and Answers

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