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NECO Agric Practical 2023 Answers: Get NECO Agricultural Science 2023 Practical answers and specimen for Monday, 17th July 2023 Paper I: Practical – Agric Practical 10:00am – 11:30am.NECO Agric Practical 2023 Answers Expo | Get Now

NECO Agric Practical 2023 Answers

Specimen A – Hand Fork.
Specimen B – Dibber.
Specimen C – Cross Staff.
Specimen D – Cast Net.
Specimen E – Feeding Through.
Specimen F – Loamy Soil.
Specimen G – Clayey Soil.
Specimen H – Sandy Soil.
Specimen I – Earthworm.
Specimen J – Termite.
Specimen K – Grasshopper.
Specimen L – Bean Weevil.
Specimen M – Mealybug.
Specimen N – Animal Skin.
Specimen O – Tick.
Specimen P – Roundworm.

2023 Agric Practical Answers

A – Watering Can.
B – Plier.
C – Knapsack Sprayer.

Water Can are basic and suitable for small-scale hand-watering tasks, WHILE Knapsack Sprayer are more advanced and versatile tools used for both watering and spraying various liquids on crops and larger areas.

(i) It is used for light irrigation, like application of water to crops during dry season.
(ii) It is used for the application of….

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NECO Agricultural Science Practical 2023 Specimen Questions and Answers

NECO Agric Practical 2023
NECO Agric Practical 2023

NECO 2023 Agric Practical Questions & Answers

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