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Kings of Jo’burg Season 2 on Netflix: Want to watch or download the latest season of the Netflix series “Kings of Jo’burg”? Find out how to stream or download it on your device.

Download Kings of Joburg Season 2
Kings of Joburg Season 2 Netflix

The Masire brothers dominate Johannesburg’s illicit underworld, yet a supernatural family curse and a complex web of deceit pose a threat to their reign.

  • Movie Title: Kings of Joburg 
  • Crime, Thriller
  • Air Date: Jan. 27, 2023
  • Star: Llewellyn Cordier, Connie Ferguson, Shona Ferguson
In the previous season’s finale, Simon is haunted by the rising demands for blood from the mermaid. Meanwhile, Stan suspects the involvement of the Masire brothers in Jazmine’s disappearance.

Download Kings of Joburg Season 2

In Kings of Joburg Season 2, The family mourns the loss of the king of Joburg, Simon Masire and tries to adapt to a new king and new enemies in the City Of Gold.

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Kings of Joburg season 2 Episode 1: Inem returns to Kings of Joburg as Jackie makes her getaway. Shalewa meets a charming stranger at the bar and Scar is given a sinister political agenda.

Menzi’s daughter Zaza vows revenge. Keneilwe confronts Simon about his deal with the mermaid. The family plots to bring Mo back into a life of crime.

Kings of Jo’burg season 2 Episode 2: 

Simon and the Kings plan their next heist. Mo agrees to do the job, under one condition. Zaza forces Mimi to try and set up a meeting with Tlotlo.

Tlotlo takes things into his own hands when Simon reprimands him for running illegal poker games out of the club. Mo brings Phumzi to a family dinner.

Kings of Jo’burg season 2 Episode 3: After the big heist, the police take the Masire clan for interrogation and Phumzi reveals her secret to Mo. Tlotlo faces one of the most dangerous Masire enemies.

Kings of Jo’burg season 2 Episode 4: The Masire patriarch is killed and now Mo must find out who did it. Tlotlo gets into a dangerous negotiation with Zaza. Mo and Angela have a moment.

Kings of Jo’burg season 2 Episode 5: The Masire family strikes back and tear up the town to find out who killed the patriarch. Phumzi is being held captive by someone from her past.

Kings of Jo’burg season 2 Episode 6: In Simons Memorial Service, Mo is attacked, but the mermaid’s power protects him. He now has a difficult decision to make in order to save Phumzi.

Kings of Jo’burg season 2 Episode 7: The Masire safe house is invaded. Angela discovers where Veronica’s loyalties truly lie. Mo begins an operation to find Phumzi and protect his family.

Kings of Jo’burg season 2 Episode 8: The Masire clan starts to fall apart as Tlotlo decides to turn against Mo and Veronica shows another side of herself in a surprising turn of events.

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