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Donda Academy WebsiteDonda Academy Website

To enrol in Donda Academy you will need to fiil in the application form on the school official portal and send to complete the registration into the Kanye West academy, Donda.

According to the website, Donda Academy gives children a world-class education that emphasizes sustainability, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving while upholding an ethic of honesty and compassion. This prepares students to become the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

Students are able to direct education depending on their interests and abilities, they encourage idea generation, prototyping, and application in the actual world.

Through daily chapel services for the entire school and Sunday services, Donda students develop their sense of community and faith.

Donda Academy Sport

Donda Academy is building the next generation of athletes with an innovative approach to faith and teamwork.

The Donda Academy website is, you can check more information about the academy and take application.

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