Nigerian Navy Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2022 is out now | PDF Download PDF for 33AK


Nigerian Navy Shortlist 2022

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2022 for Aptitude Test
Nigerian Navy Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2022

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates for Written / Oral Aptitude Test for 2022/2023 Session is out. The list of shortlisted candidates has been released by the Nigerian Navy Recruitment for aptitude test for the Recruitment Exercise and Enlistment for 2022/2023 session.

The applicants below have been shortlisted for NN 2020 Recruitment Aptitude Test and are expected to appear for their aptitude test across the 30 Nigerian Navy Centers Nationwide.

Is Nigerian Navy Shortlist 2022 out?

Yes, the Nigerian Navy shortlisted candidates 2022 for screening is out.

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Nigerian Navy Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2022 PDF Download

  • Abia State 81rri shortlist
  • Adamawa State 81rri shortlist
  • Akwa Ibom State 81rri shortlist
  • Anambra State
  • Bauchi State
  • Bayelsa State
  • Benue State
  • Borno State
  • Cross River State
  • Delta State
  • Ebonyi State
  • Edo State
  • Ekiti State
  • Enugu State
  • FCT – Abuja
  • Gombe State
  • Imo State
  • Jigawa State
  • Kaduna State
  • Kano State
  • Katsina State
  • Kebbi State
  • Kogi State
  • Kwara State
  • Lagos State
  • Nasarawa State
  • Niger State
  • Ogun State
  • Ondo State
  • Osun State
  • Oyo State
  • Plateau State
  • Rivers State
  • Sokoto State
  • Taraba State
  • Yobe State
  • Zamfara State














1 .

North East (NE)

Adamawa NDA Old Site Kaduna

Kaduna (Batch A)

Saturday 9 -19 April 2022

2 .

Bauchi NDA Old Site Kaduna

3 .

Borno NDA Old Site Kaduna

4 .

Gombe NDA Old Site Kaduna

5 .

Taraba NDA Old Site Kaduna

6 .

Yobe NDA Old Site Kaduna

7 .

North West (NW)

Jigawa NDA Old Site Kaduna

Kaduna (Batch B)

Wednesday 20 -29 April 2022

8 .

Kaduna NDA Old Site Kaduna

9 .

Kano NDA Old Site Kaduna

10 .

Katsina NDA Old Site Kaduna

11 .

Kebbi NDA Old Site Kaduna

12 .

Sokoto NDA Old Site Kaduna

13 .

Zamfara NDA Old Site Kaduna

14 .

North Central (NC)

Benue NNSS Ojo Lagos

Lagos (Batch A)

Saturday 9 -19 April 2022

15 .

FCT NNSS Ojo Lagos

16 .

Kogi NNSS Ojo Lagos

17 .

Kwara NNSS Ojo Lagos

18 .

Nasarawa NNSS Ojo Lagos

19 .

Niger NNSS Ojo Lagos

20 .

Plateau NNSS Ojo Lagos

21 .

South West (SW)

Ekiti NNSS Ojo Lagos

Lagos (Batch B)

Wednesday 20 -29 April 2022

22 .

Lagos NNSS Ojo Lagos

23 .

Ogun NNSS Ojo Lagos

24 .

Ondo NNSS Ojo Lagos

25 .

Osun NNSS Ojo Lagos

26 .

Oyo NNSS Ojo Lagos







27 .

South East (SE)

Abia NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

Port Harcourt (Batch A)

Saturday 9 -19 April 2022

28 .

Anambra NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

29 .

Ebonyi NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

30 .

Enugu NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

31 .

Imo NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

32 .

South South (SS)

Akwa Ibom NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

Port Harcourt (Batch B)

Wednesday 20 -29 April 2022

33 .

Bayelsa NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

34 .

Cross River NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

35 .

Delta NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

36 .

Edo NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

37 .

Rivers NNSS Borokiri Port Harcout


Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview Date 2022

From April 9 to April 29, 2022, the interviews will be held simultaneously at the various locations. Screening/verification of credentials/certificates, medical/physical, and written examinations will all be part of the interview. Candidates must bring the following items with them:

a. Originals and photocopies of their credentials.

b. Originals and photocopies of valid Drivers’ License (Category H only).

c. Original and photocopy of State of Origin/LGA certificate.

d. National Identity Card/Acknowledgment Slip.

e. Writing materials.

f. Two pairs of navy blue shorts and 2 white (unmarked) T Shirts.

g. A pair of canvas/trainer and stockings.

h. Bed sheets and pillow cases.

i. Set of cutlery.

j. Four (4) recent 30X30mm passport sized photographs on white background.

k. Face masks and hand sanitizers.

l. Personal Toiletries (Bathing and washing soaps, Tooth Paste and brush e.t.c).

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